The key turned and the door unlocked. She walked in. She was again late today. It was already dark. But this darkness was nothing compared to that of her heart. She switched on the lights of the lonesome house. Absentmindedly she threw her bag onto the couch and turned on the television. News channels went on to shout about murders, rapes, robbery, not-so-fair politics and ever-so-glittering Bollywood. Frustrated she turned it off and glanced around. Room was a mess, exactly like her mind. But something was amiss.

Somebody had been in here, was her first thought.
But who??! Avinash???
Just a reminder of his name filled her with a strange feeling of uneasiness.
But only he knew where I hid the second key. Only he could have let himself in. She felt eerieness in the room, as if he was still here.
But why?? Why was he here after all these months?? What did he want from me now? And if he did want something, why did he leave? I had nothing to give him now. I was done giving him everything, every part of my love and every part of me. She frowned as his name brought back all those unwelcomed memoires. Beep on her phone broke her chain of thoughts.
It was a friend’s message asking for tomorrow’s plans. Oh yes! tomorrow is my birthday, she remembered. But there was no excitement for it. Gone were the days when she used to cherish birthdays and plan parties. Now it was just like any other day. Past one year had shown her the days she had never imagined. Her marriage with her college sweetheart failed miserably. She didn’t only lose her lover, her husband but also her best friend. Although she was the one determined enough to walk out of the marriage yet she hasn’t found any peace. Without replying to the message, she switched off the phone and walked towards her bedroom. She didn’t want any wishes tonight.
The photo frame by her bedside was gone, she noticed. It had held the the reunion photograph, with Avinash and Kavya in the middle of the group. It was then when they had announced their marriage. They had been happy then. A nostalgic smile made it’s way to her face.
But in place of the photograph, was lying a white sealed envelope. She tore it open. A metal key fell down. So, it was Avinash, she concluded. She pull out other papers from the envelope. She unfolded to see the divorce papers finally signed by him and a letter in his handwriting. Her lifeless and loveless marriage was finally over. There were no pieces to pick up now. Holding on her emotions, she kept the papers aside and read the letter.

Dear Kavya,
Finally it’s time I give you the gift you always wanted: Your Freedom!
Happy Birthday!
Once Yours,

Tears feel down but they didn’t hurt her anymore. Her thoughts rested and she finally slept peacefully.

Written for the A Prompt Each Day – WordPlay#8 : Time